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Geode Knitting Pattern

This is attempts number two and three at a knitted geode. I would love to spend more time on these, making wonkier shapes, more colour options, just plain bigger versions. At the moment I’d be quite happy to spend the entire year knitting rocks, I’m not sure that the website would keep getting hits if I did though…

This is really cool!

nineprotons and xparrot this made me think of you guys. <3

That is so cool.

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Watch the original video here ( x )
Before I saw this video, I always kept a book for my homework. I use grid paper and it’s perfect for BJ… Heh. After watching this, it helped me to start developing a system I’m currently satisfied with. 

To-do apps don’t work with me. It always just sits on my screen with a notification and swiping something doesn’t feel as satisfying as crossing it out victoriously with a pen. ^_^

  1. LEGENDS ( you can also do it like thisHelps you quickly figure out what certain tasks are at a glance. The colours are for my spiraldexes which I will not be discussing unless you guys request it. c:
  2. Pages This is basically what my pages look like. I write the numbers at the lower corners.I also added sticky notes for extra stuff like memorizing my moral definitions. :p
  3. Calendar  ( x ) If you watch the video, you’re supposed to list out the dates but I prefer both, so I draw a calendar and paste it in my book and list out all the really appointments/stuff I have to do in my drawn calendar and some not-important-but-still-worth-noting notes in my list-calendar.
  4. Index Just write down the pages as shown in the video. Pretty simple. 
  5. Other things you can include: I also stick some motivational images on the last page and stuff like that. Spiraldexes can be fun but they tend to be a little time consuming to draw or at least, I can seem to use them effectively. :c
  • Have pages especially for grocery lists/ grades/ etc. 
  • Page full of favourite recipes
  • Stick an envelope at the back cover and fill it with motivational inspiration!
  • Stick printables ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
  • Start a goal/wishlist!

 Good luck! :* 


Ulzzang lips tutorial by petitpoppy (lipstick ver)

50 vegetarian pizza recipes

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Homemade Remedies for a Cold

tis the season


Brie & Honey Barbecue Pulled Pork-Stuffed Pretzel Rolls

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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The pen tool is the only tool that I keep as-is and somewhat uniform (and also because those settings are really easy to remember haha). 

The brush tool is significantly less set in stone haha;; I’m very fond of using the flat brush, but other than that, I play around with the settings a lot, so those sliders never stay the same;; (ie. when I want a harder contrast, I turn everything down, or when I’m blending, say, a smooth looking surface I’d turn it up and stuff!) 


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